All products are hand made with LOVE!
All products are hand made with LOVE!
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Disco Conversation Heart Vent Clips
Disco Conversation Heart Vent Clips

Disco Conversation Heart Vent Clips

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Read ALL before purchasing!

 (2) Vent clips only. Freshie sold separately.

    Vent Clip Freshies: Scented air Fresheners that are mainly used in cars and clipped to Vents. they come with small clips to hook onto and hang from vents. They can also be used in lockers, bathrooms, bedrooms or anywhere else you want it to smell amazing! 

    Bossy Boots Freshies:

    • Hand made, hand Poured, mixed, cured and hand painted in house.
    • Made from premium aroma beads and fragrance oils mixed and cured for 14+ days to provide a long lasting scent.
    • Available in a large variety of shapes, colors and scents.
    • Scents range from light to strong and can last 3+ weeks.

    Care Instructions:

    • Hang/Clip freshie immediately after removing from packaging.
    • Do not leave freshie in the bag in the heat.
    • Do not lay Freshie on any dash or surface.
    • Do not leave in direct sunlight.
    • For best results use a sunshade. 
    • Keep away from children and pets.
    • May be toxic if consumed.
    • Do not place in wax warmer or attempt to melt.
    • *Bossy Boots Designs LLC is not responsible for any damages or replacements.

    Important notes:

    • Beads and bows may vary depending on stock at time of purchase.
    • See pictures for scent descriptions
    • Beaded Tassel Car Charms not included (May not be pictured in all photos)